Rising Kites Flowers

Rising Kites Flowers

Bridgman, MI

Flowers that give back to the Down syndrome community

In the spring of 2020 at 8 months pregnant I set out to start a small cut flower garden solely for my own enjoyment.

In May, we were given the biggest surprise when Sammie or “Flower” (as Lou called her) entered our world with a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

The entire summer I found myself in that small garden, working through a wide range of emotions and falling more in love with my girl and those flowers I was growing.

There was something incredibly healing in taking part in the process of creating beauty through flowers and witnessing beauty in ALL things.

The following year we started Rising Kites while also doubling our growing space in our backyard garden. I spent the summer launching our non-profit while also selling flowers and dabbling in workshops as a means of fundraising for Rising Kites.

And again I fell further in love with growing flowers, making bouquets, and sharing their beauty with others. All for a cause that is incredibly dear to my heart.

This girl. My flower. Bringing light and beauty to the world since she arrived.

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